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Welcome to Another Year Abroad Travel Blog! My name’s Laura, I’m a 22 year old recent graduate from the University of Sheffield. I have always had a love of all things travel and decided to share with you all my adventures, past and present! Please give my instagram a follow for whenever you’re craving your 24/7 travel fix: simply click the little pink instagram icon below.

  • Hectic Hong Kong: A two day experience of the protests

    4th Mar 2020 by

    Bags checked and full English consumed, we’re ready to leave the airport on the right side of Departures: on an Airbus A350 headed direct to Hong Kong and the first stop on our upcoming three month travel adventure. The flight itself ran without glitch; no delay, no turbulence and only mildly irritating neighbours. This came… Read more

  • London Life: How to spend a long weekend in the capital

    16th Oct 2019 by

    London Town. Chaotic, dishevelled, dirty, beautiful. As a Mancunian born and bred, I cannot get enough of the hustle and bustle of life in the country’s capital. It’s like my hometown but magnified beyond belief. The streets sprawl out wider and the buildings stretch out taller; the taxi’s beep and the market sellers holler louder… Read more

  • New York Nights: A Luxury Guide to Food and Drink

    10th Oct 2019 by

    What do you think of when you hear Manhattan, New York City? The plethora of neon lights against a dark sky, their reflection shimmering and dancing on the current of the Hudson River? Do you imagine the luxury shops with their lavish window displays? The sparkle of Tiffany diamonds; a beacon at the end of… Read more

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